Doran Lamb
Top Writer in Mental Health + Psychology + Love. Acute observer of the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction.
Photo by Joshua Olsen on Unsplash

Everyone comes to Medium for different reasons. Some of us are here to get something off our chest, or to raise awareness (hello An Injustice!- a brilliant publication if you’re here to shout).

Some of us are here because we simply love writing, and many of us are addicted to…


Woman staring at camera, eyes partly obscured by plant
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

I’ve had a break from Medium, and tonight, I decided to take a quick scroll through AINYF and catch up with some of the articles published during my brief hiatus.

A quick scroll through shows how time is mentioned or referred to in many of the titles. Time and specifically…

Doran Lamb

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