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Doran Lamb
Top Writer in Mental Health + Psychology + Health. Acute observer of the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction, particularly for women and mothers.

(Last updated 31st May)

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I write on Medium mainly about addiction, sobriety, female equality, relationships, and sex. I am also an editor on the wonderful publication Beautiful Hangover.

Connect with me on Twitter or email doranlamb(at)

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Did I tell you lately that…

Succession screenwriters, I’m talking to you.

Succession Series 1 promotion image. Image credited to

If you haven’t watched Succession Series 1, Spoiler alert: don’t read this as it gives it all away. I do not want to be held accountable for f**king up what could be a pretty damn enjoyable weekend.

“And you have addiction issues….” quips Shiv to her brother Kendall, detailing why he’s not a suitable choice for CEO.

Scriptwriters commonly use addiction issues as a character flaw. Audiences know when a character is introduced as an addict in recovery that at some point, this is going to be their downfall.

These characters are untrusted by their family. Everyone takes the piss…

Read all about Last Saturday at the Tapas to learn from my mistakes…

woman looking distressed friends arguing
woman looking distressed friends arguing
Photo by Liza Summer from Pexels

I have previously written about how lucky I am in keeping the majority of my drinking buddies since getting sober.

However, I am now faced with the possibility that this luck was prematurely declared.

Last Saturday, I arranged to meet a friend for dinner in a tapas bar. It should have been a fun evening. I love tapas, and I’m more than happy being sober in bars late at night. I find that if I’m in the mood to be out, I am now coherent and have way more energy than I used to have when I was glugging anesthetic…


Know the risks before you go Cali Sober

demi lovato on stage with microphone
demi lovato on stage with microphone
Demi Lovato. Photo by JohanGarcia2004 — Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

I have a good friend who became sober around the same time as me and we met for dinner the other night. I was shocked to see her drinking a beer when I arrived. I waited until we were alone to mention it.

Me: You started drinking again?

Her: Yeah, I guess it was just those massive benders that were really the problem for me you know?

Me: Quietly nod. But thinking, I wouldn’t take that risk.

I get this line of thinking, and of course, it’s attractive as hell. But like most people with a drinking problem, I tried…

RIP PSILY and welcome to new publications

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

The last week or so, the Meta content on Medium has been primarily about the demise of the popular publication, PS I Love You. There have been hundreds of articles expressing:

I’m pretty sure I’m going to be highly unpopular for this opinion. However, I will present my honest thoughts on the loss of PSILY:

The topics were safe and at times boring

The problem with larger Medium publications is they…

Let’s start the petition for a real-life labor version of Barbie…Mattel are you listening?

naked Barbie dolls
naked Barbie dolls
Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

My therapist says that blaming anyone is a dangerous road to go down. But f**k it, I blame Barbie for a lot in my life. My high expectations, subsequent depression, and poor choice in men can all be traced back to her bulls**t.

Life is just so f**king easy for Barbie. Clothes fit her and she has a never-ending supply, she’s hot and she never gets pimples. She’s proportioned in a highly unachievable way; her thighs never touch, and look at those boobs.

And I didn’t even have pregnancy Barbie, no, luckily my expectations of pregnancy were based on my…

I wouldn’t recommend doing it to anyone

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I just finished a month where I had agreed to do a 30-day writing challenge. The idea was to write and publish every day for 30 days. But the real challenge was that the 30 articles had to be to 30 different publications.

Here’s my original pledge post…

Here’s my halfway through info…

And here’s why I hated every damn minute of it:

It pushed me to write…and I published a lot of crap

I look back at my content over this last month and I’m not proud. I want to delete most of it. Particularly this one with the picture of me holding the fucking squid on a stick.

It was not what I expected

Photo by Elisa Ventur on Unsplash

The writing challenge that I signed up to was completing was the 30 articles submitted to 30 different publications in 30 days. This challenge has been previously completed by many others, Catherine Mancini, Alana Rister, Ph.D., and Allison Cecile.

I was incredibly motivated to try this challenge initiated by David Majister. I love the idea of writing challenges. And plus, I felt like I was stuck in a rut with my writing.

Here is my original pledge post:

My end results were mixed:

  • I published 26 articles. And submitted 30.
  • However, 5 of those articles were to duplicate publications, so…


Why quitting moderate drinking can help you achieve your goals

Photo by Joey Huang on Unsplash

‘When you quit drinking you stop waiting” — Caroline Knapp

Could alcohol be stopping you from being your best self? Research has proved that even moderate drinking* prevents optimum brain functioning. The impact of consuming just 1 drink on your ability to store new cognitive information, construct an argument, and achieve good quality sleep might make you reconsider that relaxing glass of wine in the evening.

*Moderate daily alcohol use is 2 drinks for men and 1 for women.

Alcohol consumption is such a pervasive and not only accepted but actively encouraged part of our culture that it’s easy to…

Don’t base your sobriety around this.

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

I caught up with one of my sobriety buddies over the weekend. Most of the time we chat about normal stuff… the latest podcasts we’ve fallen in love with, and the last person we went on a date with. But this time the conversation took a darker turn.

A good friend was mentioned who has recently relapsed. She’d stuck to sobriety for at least 2 years, which makes you think you’re out of the danger zone. But the longer I stick to sobriety, the more I realize there is no such thing as a safety zone.

The mistake she made…exercise.

Doran Lamb

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