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Doran Lamb
1 min readMay 30, 2021


Hey! Thanks for stopping by, and do stay a while…

I write on Medium mainly about addiction, sobriety, female equality, relationships, and sex. I am also an editor on the wonderful publication Beautiful Hangover.

Connect with me on Twitter or email doranlamb(at)hotmail.com.

These are my top-performing stories:

Here are all my articles…

…on addiction and sobriety

…on writing

…on equality for women

…on relationships and sex

random other topics that I probably shouldn’t have written about

…and ones where I try to be funny.

Thanks for reading and clapping and everything that you do.

Did I tell you lately that I love you? I really do. xxx



Doran Lamb

Top Writer in Mental Health + Psychology + Love. Acute observer of the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction. https://doranlamb.medium.com/membership